Haozhe Shan - Homepage | Graduate student in theoretical neuroscience

Hey there,

My name is Haozhe (pronounced ‘Hao-je’, ‘j’ as in ‘juice’). I’m a Ph.D. student in Neuroscience advised by Haim Sompolinsky at Harvard.

I’m broadly interested in theories for neuroscience and deep learning. I use tools from statistical physics, computer science, and statistical inference. I have worked on theory of stochastic processes, learning dynamics in deep networks, graphical models for animal behaviors, and so on.

Prior to Harvard, I studied Psychology and Computertional Neuroscience at the University of Chicago. With Peggy Mason, I studied how social behaviors in rats are affected by internal states.

In my free time, I write about modern neuroscience and history of science for the blog 驻波zhubo.


I am serving / served as a teaching fellow at

  • [NEW] 2020 Fall: Harvard AP 286: Inference, Information Theory, Learning and Statistical Mechanics (w Prof. Sharad Ramanathan)

  • 2020 Spring: MIT 6.806/6.864 Advanced Natural Language Processing (w Prof. Jacob Andreas)

  • 2019 Spring: Harvard MCB 131: Computational Neuroscience (w Prof. Haim Sompolinsky)

  • 2017 Fall: Harvard CS 281: Advanced Machine Learning (w Prof. Sasha Rush)